The port of Sestri Levante highlights the close relationship that the city has with its seafront: port and city overlap. For this reason, the study of the port aims to enhance the uniqueness of the site, starting from the existing port infrastructure and from the urban/naturalistic characteristics of the context.

The design aims to respect what appears to be the natural character of the port of Sestri Levante: not a marina, but rather a “harbour landing”. The project therefore arrange the flexibility of seasonal landings, providing services for boats, mega yachts and professional fishing, in favour of a greater public participation.

Extending the vision of the project beyond the port’s precinct, the design searches a new opening of the city towards the sea, both perceptively, and encouraging the public use of the shoreline.

The project therefore increases the visibility in both directions sea-land and land-sea through the reduction of the existing volumes in elevation and inserting new visuals, providing a public promenade for accessibility and usability of the existing breakwater.

From a functional point of view, the port is protected by low-impact floating pontoons and provides two appropriate separate precincts for yachting and bathing.

The study aims to create new opportunities for public use of the shoreline over the summer season, through a varied functional program compatible with the territory and articulated with differentiated uses throughout the year.

Comune di Sestri Levante

Project team:

Sestri Levante, Italy

site area 110.160 sqm
built area 1.600 sqm

2015 Feasibility study