In a time when it is our duty to investigate alternative non-oil based energy sources, Smart Grid represents the most sustainable model in environmental, energetic and economic terms.

The nodes in the energy grid will be the power stations of the future: intermodal and social centres, in which we will be able to exchange energy and data, and interact socially as if we were in a market, or rather in an energy mall.

In these energy malls we will switch from “volumetric” vehicles for long-distance travel (flights, trains, cars) to “corporal” equipment for short-distance movements (electro-assisted and automated individual devices that are an extension to one’s body).

The bicycle is a perfect example of a corporal device (still unrivalled in terms of energy efficiency): I use my body to move in the space, truly experiencing the surrounding environment and accumulating energy that I can then reuse for other purposes.

A new Smart Grid mobile will encourage sustainable, individual energy production.

The project investigates the space where energy exchanges take place, from extra urban to urban, from collective to individual, with the objective of enhancing the landscape. The purpose is to reveal the landscape and promote a renewed sense of community.

We imagine a new form of democratization of energy. Everybody can transform and exchange energy, which will be finally accessible to all.

President Giovanna Melandri
Director Margherita Guccione
Curator Pippo Ciorra
Co-curators Silvia La Pergola, Elena Motisi,
Alessio Rosati

Project team:
Artiva Design
Bartolomeo Mongiardino
Buro Happold
Visual Lab

OBR design team:
Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi,
Viola Bentivogli, Andrea Casetto, Dario Cavallaro,
Benedetta Conte, Andrea Debilio, Maria Lezhnina,
Michele Renzini, Elisa Siffredi, Izabela Sobieraj

Rome, Italy

2013 Exhibition