The design of the bridge over the Polcevera River connects local and regional roads with relevant effect on the urban traffic to and from the city, and at the same time contributes to the regeneration of the urban context at the mouth of the Polcevera River, still characterized by the former Ilva industrial area.

The scenario of the future redevelopment of Cornigliano provides not only the high speed/capacity infrastructure, but also the new railway station and commercial, residential, cultural and sporting activities.

In this context, the design of the bridge over the Polcevera is not limited to purely road network issues, but is focusing on the spaces (margins on the side and below the road section). The project develops a space program in synergy with the urban surrounding, providing linear urban gardens, bike paths, relaxing and meeting areas, and skateboard tracks.

Even the acoustic barriers, rather than infrastructure works related to roads, are intended as devices in the urban landscape of Cornigliano. So also the recovery of rainwater from the road abutments is collected within a lake with phytoremediation for the irrigation of the urban linear gardens. The bridge on the Polcevera is also an opportunity to determine new relationships between infrastructure and landscape.In this sense, the project develops a dual perspective: from the landscape and from the infrastructure.

Infrastructure seen from the landscape.
The Bridge on the Polcevera is understood as territory architecture located in the landscape. So not a road conveyor belt, but as a land work developed through the investigation of the context.

Landscape seen from the infrastructure.
The Bridge on the Polcevera becomes also an experience for the road users to enjoy the landscape, introducing the notion of the landscape in motion, which is also a way of revealing the landscape through the dynamic filmic perception.

Sviluppo Genova S.r.l.

Project team:
Favero & Milan Ingegneria
Nicolas Grimshaw & Partners
STI Studio Tecnico di Ingegneria
Ai Group
Studio Maione Ingegneri Associati

Mariela Apollonio

Lungomare Canepa, Genova, Italy

1.5 km

2013 Completion
2008 Developed design
2007 Concept design
2006 Competition (1st prize)