Conceived for Bergamo Brescia 2023 Capitale Italiana della Cultura, MITA – Museo Internazionale del Tappeto Antico – is promoted by Fondazione Tassara. It has been designed by OBR as a public space open to the city. The idea is to create a cultural center which is also the house of the extraordinary collection of Romain Zaleski. The architecture and the collection are combined in terms of complementarity and mutual appreciation: all parts are related to each other through the void of the central court open to the public space. The museum itself is recessed from the street to return to the public domain a new piazza.

MITA is also a social place. For this reason, it is not just a building, but a relationship. It doesn’t serve a purpose, but it allows it. But it is also a place of innovation and creation, a studio where to reinterpret the ancient art of carpets with contemporary technologies of video art.

Client: Fondazione Tassara

Project team:
Lombardini 22
Nuova Tecnologia

Brescia, Italy

site area 1346 sqm
built area 745 sqm

2022 Under construction
2022 Concept design, Developed design, Technical design
2021 Design competition (1st prize)