“Piazza del Vento” is a collective multisensory installation, where to celebrate the rite of urbanity of Genoa on the sea.

Strongly wanted by Ucina Confindustria Nautica with the support of Spim, the work represents the legacy of the International Boat Show to the city: designed for a temporary event, it has become a permanent public artwork, thus sanctioning the indissoluble link between the Boat Show and the City of Genoa.

We imagined a “field” of 57 masts in red maple wood and white steel, 12 meters tall and bound together with textile stay-cables with dacron jibs inferred on. On the top of each mast a multiplicity of windex is placed, sewing coloured spinnaker’s fabric highlighting the direction and the intensity of the wind. Among the masts, some double seat swings are placed, where to sit as couple in the shade of the sails while looking toward the sea.

By collaborating with the musician Roberto Pugliese, Enter Studio and Matteo Orlandi have created the sound scape “Melodies Mediterranee” activated by the action of the wind: a system of brass rods of different length, arranged according to a precise spatial scheme among the masts, reflects the sounds of the mare nostrum with chords from a Mediterranean musical scale “played” by the wind.

As a result of the cooperation between OBR and Artkademy, the Piazza del Vento also sees the involvement of the poet and street artist Ivan Tresoldi, who has executed the performance “A.mare” with the visitors of the event creating the anamorphosis: “Who throws seeds in the wind will make the sky flourish”.

I Saloni Nautici S.r.l.

Project team:
Enter Studio
Matteo Orlandi,
Roberto Pugliese
Rina Consulting
Valter Scelsi,
Ivan Tresoldi

OBR design team:
Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi,
Edoardo Allievi, Paola Berlanda, Gabriele Boretti,
Francesco Cascella, Andrea Casetto,
Biancamaria Dall’Aglio, Riccardo De Vincenzo,
Paride Falcetti, Chiara Gibertini, Alessio Granata,
Lisa Henderson, Martina Mongiardino

Studio Borlenghi
Carola Merello

Genoa, Italy

site area 500 sqm

2017 end of construction
2017 detailed design
2017 preliminary design