OBR’s research is appropriate to new generation’s space systems that interact with the environment and man.

The project involves an open system built from a series of modules that create and accumulate energy locally. The modules feed from carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

Each module has two spaces: an internal one that allows different contents, and an external one that allows the assembly of many modular structures, generating architecture.

The modules may take the form of an autonomous object, if considered individually, or as infinite systems, if placed in series with each other.

The base module consists of a transparent and reflective cubic structure, equipped with an interface that can be connected with other modules. The interface of each module becomes the field where interaction between man and the environment appears.

Since the content of each module is “open” and implementable, the module system builds – at different scales – a customizable landscape, which you can “take care”.

The overlap of the modules and the intrinsic properties of the glass also produce kaleidoscopic effects, created by reflections and/or transparency of the external/internal environment.

Danese Milano – Artemide S.p.A.

Project team:

Salone del Mobile, Milano, Italy

2013 Exhibition