Venezia, 3 October 2019 at 5 pm. Paolo Brescia lectures at IUAV engaging with the audience on practising architecture, showing how design is not the goal, but the result of a collective process, not an individual matter, but a common task.

We live in an exciting period where the range of possibilities has expanded. However, we live in a “social” paradox: we are digitally connected, but our built environment has progressively constrained social cohesion. Not only is it ethically unacceptable, but in the long term, it will affect the sustainability of our cities. For this reason, we need a radical change of paradigm, starting from the community and focusing on social outcomes.

“By working together at OBR, we are converging towards an idea of architecture as an evolutionary process that you develop by crossing borders, taking risks, even making mistakes, but still investigating the future and unknown, which is then the only place to go to”.