After winning the international design competition held by the Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia UNIMORE, OBR is completing the Technical Design phase of the New Educational Pavilion inside the “Enzo Ferrari” Engineering Campus.

OBR envisions a new idea of Campus with a strong urban vocation, open to the city. More than as an isolated building, we conceive the pavilion as an “open system”, accepting changes responding to unpredictable needs.

The pavilion designed by OBR includes facilities for 1200 students. In terms of flexibility, the project provides an adaptive space for classrooms, informal study rooms, outside spaces for events and a new Piazza.

By combining Genius Loci and community, humanism and innovation, we imagine the campus as an incubator aimed at creating synergies between people, a condenser of energies that aggregates multiple activities, for everyone, in the name of inclusion and poly-culture, where ideas can fertilize and easily meet.

The new pavilion is characterized by a generous cantilever, which not only creates the entrance of the Faculty, but also blurs the distinction between inside / outside in a continuum space open to the public domain of the neighborhood: a covered square in which the students, professors and inhabitants will interact, exchange, but also share the pleasure of staying and rediscovering the values ​​that foster the sense of community.

Openness and inclusion are the founding principles of this design approach. Encouraging exchange and pluralism means anticipating the future and making it concrete in the daily experience of those who will study, work and plan their lives in a context such as that of Unimore.

The construction works will be completed by 2021.