The first preview of the project of Casa Vela inside ​​the Waterfront di Levante of Renzo Piano was presented to the press by the Municipality of Genoa. Paolo Brescia Co-Founder of OBR showed the design of Casa Vela at Palazzo Tursi in the presence of the Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci, the President of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti, the Deputy Mayor of Genoa Pietro Piciocchi, the President of FIV Francesco Ettorre, the Regional FIV President Maurizio Buscemi and the President of Porto Antico Mauro Ferrando.

“Casa Vela represents the most public and prominent function on the Waterfront di Levante of ​​Renzo Piano. With Casa Vela we want to promote a strong urbanity of Genoa on the sea, approaching the port starting from the city, in the very delicate border between land and sea, removing rather than adding, and rethinking the breakwater dam at the entrance to the port as a new front of the city by the sea”. Paolo Brescia