The QEWC development represents a new urban polarity of the self-sustaining community of Lusail City, located in a strategic position of the new Marina District.

The scheme is the composition of two towers on a podium articulated around a plaza, which opening the corner of the cluster faces both the waterfront and the main urban boulevard of Lusail City.

The project includes a balanced mix of functions, including offices, hospitality, retail, bistro and restaurants, creating a vibrant urban scape based on social interaction through the pedestrian passageways and the interconnectivity between public and private functions.

The facade is sculpted with gradients of transparency and opacity, half glass and half local stone, in function of the internal uses, the orientation and the sun exposition.

Our design investigates an alternative to the typical block scheme, toward a new urban centrality with the same functional and social complexity to the city. The retail is shaped as the Qatari Souk, forming the social backbone of the project.

Our project for the offices addresses the “post-box era”, opening the boxes and creating a place for the people, a place where work and life will find a collective and creative dimension. The challenge we foresee, is to create a place where people are encouraged to express their specific capacities.
Flexible work spaces inspire users to reconfigure their environment to suit their needs, allowing them to incorporate their identities within the shared environment.

QEWC Qatar Electricity & Water

Project team:
Favero & Milan Ingegneria

Lusail City Doha Qatar

site area 80.000 sqm
built area 20.000 sqm

2015 Concept design