Piazza Castello is one of the most significant place in Milan and its citizens.

Our idea is to rethink Piazza Castello from a new point of view. We no longer aim at the centre, but towards the city.

Actually, our proposal wants to structure a system between Parco Sempione and the city, through the Castello Sforzesco and Piazza Castello, by dissolving the closure that the ring road has represented until today.

The project makes it possible by reducing the carriageway in order to support just the flux of residents and public services, so that we win back the 15,000 sqm subtracted by the traffic, which will be re-naturalized by extending the gardens that surround the Castello beyond the ring lane.

A series of green rays, Castle oriented, designs the new public gardens as places for urban sociality, while a second series of rays, generated by the halls of the buildings surrounding the Square, creates domestic gardens beyond the sidewalk, which are oriented towards the residences, as the extension of the courtyards.

This double layout of radial gardens, public and domestic, contributes to build the perception of Piazza Castello as a Common Wealth, over the dichotomy public/private, encouraging the self-identification and the sense of taking care by both the visitors and the inhabitants.

Comune di Milano – La Triennale di Milano

Project team:
Maddalena D’Alfonso
Antonio Perazzi Studio del Paesaggio
Rossella Ferorelli
Rossella Menegazzo
Ingrid Paoletti
Giacomo Ardesio
Alessio Crivelli

Piazza Castello, Milano, Italy

site area 15.000 sqm

2014 Design competition (2nd prize)