Today the Definitive Project of the Port of Santa Margherita Ligure has been delivered to the Municipality.

The project was promoted by Santa Benessere and especially by its President Maurizio Felugo, with the coordination of the project manager Pietro Zanoni. Author of the project is OBR with Acquatecno, Milan Engineering, United Consulting, GAD, Geotec Geolambda, Studium, Franco Giorgetta, Carlo Berio, Alberto Iadevaia and Gio Gozzi.

The Definitive Project has implemented all the requirements issued by the public administration.

The Group has adopted a method based on listening, in order to define a “common” project that goes beyond the public / private dichotomy, achieved through an overall design integrated with the guidelines of the Municipality and the Region, and responding to the multiple interests of the community that gravitates around the Port.

OBR’s approach was to “design the status quo”, changing as little as possible, leaving the natural phenomena – the sun, the wind and the sea – to enhance the Port of Santa Margherita Ligure as “port shelter “, in its vital relationship between city and sea.

With the support of the landscape designer Franco Giorgetta, we have developed a landscape project, conceiving a continuous Mediterranean garden between city and sea. In addition to securing the Port, the project involves the redevelopment of the south coast, transforming what was once the back of the port into a new front of the city on the sea, public place to celebrate the rite of urbanity of Santa on the sea.