The project for Parco Centrale di Prato designed by OBR and Michel Desvigne has been awarded with the Premio Urbanistica 2017 for urban regeneration by Inu and Urbit.

The prize giving was held yesterday, the 22nd November 2017, at the Triennale di Milano during the XIV edition of Urbanpromo.

The project is the outcome of an international design competition held by the Municipality of Prato. The design of the garden by Michel Desvigne reinterprets the orthogonal grid of the historical city following the orientation of Cardo and Decumano, which are abstracted and manipulated, while the pavilion by OBR was designed as the extension of the landscape, as well as the place for promoting strong social interaction within the park. The pavilion is conceived as a contemporary hub for artistic and cultural production, an art-centre where young artists and creative entrepreneurs can interact and work together in mutual synergy, increasing the sense of urbanity. We, in fact, intend the Parco Centrale di Prato as a “super-urban” park in line with the vision of the Municipality for “Prato Città Contemporanea”, an urban polarity where something is always happening, as much as in the city.