“La rappresentazione della città. Dalla polis al digitale.”

Paolo Brescia interviewed by Massimo Minella

Saturday 16th september 2017, 9:00 pm

Palazzo Tursi, Via Garibaldi 9, Genoa.

“The theater, the forum, the senate were the signs that, in ancient times, identified the city.
Aeneas of Carthage which is being built, see these buildings rising.
And today, what tells us that all this brick, steel, glass, and people are a city?

Ligurian Public Theater, which is ten years old in September, at Palazzo Tursi, in the heart of Genoa, using the theater paradigm with Dialogues on Representation, tries to decipher words, places, and feelings by identifying how much it is necessary to represent and portray to exist.

The speech has fallen into reality: we wanted to confront ourselves with the daily administration of a city, combining reflection, thought and dream with practice and necessity. With us architects, urbanists, sociologists, lawyers and public administrators.

As prologue Calvin, Caproni and Thomas More: Invisible Cities, Genoa of all life and Utopia. ”

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