Designed by OBR from an inspiration by Renzo Piano for the 57° edition of the Internation Boat Show of Genoa “Salone Nautico” (from 21st to 26th September 2017), the “Piazza del Mare” represents the legacy from Salone Nautico to the city, strongly wanted by Ucina Confindustria Nautica with the support by Spim. “We conceived a temporary installation which turnes into a permanent artwork, creating a public space where to celebrate the rite of urbanity on the sea, enshrining the unbreakable link between the Salone Nautico and the city of Genoa” Paolo Brescia explained.

La Piazza del Vento allows the public of Salone Nautico and the citizens to interact with environmental and energetic phenomena of the sea, such as the wind and the sun. OBR designed a “field” of 57 masts in red maple wood and white steel (donated by Capoferri), 12 meters tall and bound together with textile cables with dacron triangular jibs inferred on. On the top of each mast a Windex is placed, sewing colored spinnaker’s fabric to form the shape of a “flame” highlighting the direction and the intensity of the wind.

To enhance the interaction with the public, we designed some double seat swings in between the masts, where to sit in couple in the shade of the sails while looking toward the sea.