The construction of Casa BFF has begun in Viale Scarampo in Milan. Commissioned by BFF Bank, Casa BFF is designed by OBR to recreate a strong urbanity starting from the very context of Viale Scarampo as one of the primary entrance axes to the city.

According to Paolo and Tommaso “Casa BFF is above all an urban project that should not indulge in ostentatious and fancy solutions, but, on the contrary, assume the status of a landmark through its ability to shape the city, celebrating a renewed ritual of urbanity”.

Casa BFF is characterized by a flying carpet with an energy field of 2,500 square meters of photovoltaic panels. The flying carpet defines the “fifth elevation” and creates the covered public square, giving back to the public domain a place where you can have the pleasure of staying and meeting. The 40-metre-high columns of the flying carpet form the pronaos and offer protection to the large panoramic terrace from which to admire the city.

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