• OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Waterfront Cesme Turkey
  • OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Waterfront Cesme Turkey
  • OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Waterfront Cesme Turkey


The city of Çesme is elegantly situated on the Aegean coast and serves as the gateway to Western Turkey. Our idea is to re-naturalize the coast, capturing the natural benefits of the wind and the sea, while imbuing the city, life of the inhabitants, and tourists with its life-affirming benefits throughout the seasons. In this context the waterfront is the location for a new and intimate relationship between the city and the sea, a great opportunity for a new model of urban development characterized by environmental, economic, and social sustainability. The natural phenomena by the sea, the sun and the wind which become the contemporary icons of Çesme that will shape the waterfront. The new waterfront includes a sustainable mix of attractive multi-purpose public functions which are compatible with the city development and will create a new urban polarity in Çesme, at all hours of the day, year-round. A new “energetic” landscape includes energetic buoys and wind kaleidoscopes converting kinetic wave and wind energy of Meltemi into clean and renewable electricity, transforming the waterfront into an energetic landmark. A new linear park - “green line” - provides a natural path that connects the existing green areas to the promenade protecting the pedestrians from the acoustic and atmospheric pollution of the roadway. The mobility system gives priority to the pedestrian paths between the interchange areas of public-private and sea-land. Car parking is removed from the waterfront to reduce traffic at the seaside, thus enhancing public spaces and urban sociability; such as a belvedere that leads from the city towards the sea. The project realizes also a “blue line” where public access to the waterfront, use of the coast, and visibility of the sea are always guaranteed. The new waterfront extends the city toward the sea, without consuming the territory, while enlarging public spaces with floating platforms on the sea, and providing a building process without inconvenience to the people on site. When the platforms are docking on the waterfront, attractive urban events policy will be implemented. Through architecture, the waterfront’s benefits are extended into the city, promoting community and a sense of belonging among the inhabitants.

OBR design team:
Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi
Giovanni Carlucci
Güldeniz Dağdelen
Puria Kazemi
Michele Renzini
Elisa Siffredi
Ludovic Tiollier
Mikko Tilus

Project team:
Mimar Sinan Fine Art University - Güzin Konuk
Mimar Sinan Fine Art University - Seher Demet Yücel
Sezer İnan

Municipality of Çesme
Chambre of Commerce Izmir


site area 106,000 sqm
built area 33,625 sqm

2012 Design Competition (1st prize)