• OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Provincia Bergamo
  • OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Provincia Bergamo
  • OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Provincia Bergamo
  • OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Provincia Bergamo maquette

Provincia Bergamo

The new headquarters of the Province of Bergamo represent a new urban polarity in a highly strategic position between the consolidated city and the surrounding territory. The project includes a balanced mix of functions and working and research spaces that will allow Bergamo to compete in the international market of advanced tertiary services. The upgrading of the infrastructure with the configuration of the future intermodal hub will make this area one of the most attractive and accessible parts of the city, overcoming the monocentric planning criteria and extending urban functions from the centre outwards. The project will provide a new landmark announcing the city to its territory. Recovering the concepts of “clusters” and “porosity”, the project responds to various inputs both from urban and natural landscape, highlighting the relationship between a compact city and surrounding countryside. The functional program brings together in a unique system both the institutional functions (the offices of the Province of Bergamo) and the extra-institutional ones (café, restaurant, bank, internet point, kindergarten), articulating a complex composed of elements in synergy (podium, inner square, sky lobby and towers), governed by visuals that relate to the surrounding landscape. This provides intervals of nature in the urban continuum and makes the boundaries between the city and the countryside less defined. Through the green areas the visitor is accommodated within a single network of public spaces, thus blurring the threshold effect between the institution and the public space.

OBR design team:
Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi
Michele Renzini
Giulia D’Ettorre
Chiara Farinea
Margherita Menardo
Marta Rolando
Izabela Sobieraj
Jeannette Sordi
Fabio Valido
Paula Vier

Project team:
Carlotta de Bevilacqua
Buro Happold Ltd
Martha Schwartz Partners
Aubry & Guiguet Programmation
TRM engineering S.r.l
Yellow Office

Provincia di Bergamo


site area 20.000 sqm
built area 28.700 sqm

2009 International design competition (short listed)