OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Lehariya Jaipur India


After being invited by the Academy of Architecture in Mumbai to give a lecture on the topic "Does architecture have the power to solve social gaps, create the sense of community and preserve the individual identities?", we met with Rajeev Lunkad of Human Project, who called us to discuss a possible project in Rajasthan, for a urban development cluster in the outskirts of Jaipur.

2012 > 
OBR Ex Cinema Roma 02

Ex Cinema Roma

The redevelopment project of the Ex Cinema Roma for office, commercial and residential use occurs through the reconfiguration of the existing volumes in two complementary directions, one internal and one external. Internally a new core has been introduced in a central position that functionally distributes the various levels and, being completely transparent towards the ceiling and towards the north, it allows for an optimal natural lighting of all internal common spaces.

2006 > 2013
OBR Uffici Cugnasco 10

Uffici Cugnasco

The project for the Cugnasco offices is the reuse of an old disused cinema. Inside of the old projection room a new light steel and glass structure is located, with a number of levels sufficient to obtain the total area needed for the development sustainability.

2002 > 2004
OBR Provincia Bergamo 03

Provincia Bergamo

The new headquarters of the Province of Bergamo represent a new urban polarity in a highly strategic position between the consolidated city and the surrounding territory.
The project includes a balanced mix of functions and working and research spaces that will allow Bergamo to compete in the international market of advanced tertiary services.