• OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Polo Funo Bologna

Polo Funo

The Funo masterplan investigates the urbanization process originated by the new infrastructural assets planned in the metropolitan area north of Bologna, including the Milan-Taranto highway connection. The project is based on the conviction that the quality of the city is connected to a new idea of “eco-welfare” which is realised through the following actions: return to most radical forms of the project of a city; contrast land consumption; plan re-naturalization, scheduled and preventive compensation, rehabilitation and remediation; reinforce the idea of​​ proximity agriculture and zero kilometer politics; promote business that will strengthen the capillarity of the local economy without renouncing the network; facilitate a proper social and functional mix; reduce the possibility of use of private transportation; improve electric public transport and of bicycle and pedestrian network. The study aims to offer inhabitants of Funo the opportunity to move from a disrupted peripheral situation to a new urban condition strongly connected with the agricultural landscape. The existing natural landscape elements, like water channel Navile and still evident agricultural structures, are the design references of the project. The masterplan aims to unify the east-west parts of Funo, now separated by the railway, through the redesign of the railway station and the definition of a large public park, linking Funo to the water channel Navile. The park defines the space and the limit for the future urban development.  

OBR design team:
Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi
Izabela Sobieraj
Yari Marongiu
Michele Renzini
Tania Texeira

Project team:
MIC Mobility in Chain
Chiara Nifosì

Provincia di Bologna

Funo, Bologna

site area 600.000 sqm

2010 Master plan
2009 Competition (1st prize)