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Ippodromo Roma Capannelle

The project’s aim is to create an entertainment centre for the Capannelle Hippodrome organically integrated in the extraordinary Appia Antica Park of Rome.
The beauty and the preservation of the park has led to a natural design that dialogues with the existing landscape, avoiding solutions contrasting with the historical existing context.
The space is generated through a physical re-modeling of the ground in the area currently used as parking for the owners: the green roof represents the natural continuation of the hippodrome and, at the same time, a beautiful spot for admiring the races and the landscape.
The internal space is characterized by the transparency towards the racing tracks and by the presence of three internal gardens through which the building exchanges with the outside taking air and natural light.

OBR design team:
Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi
Michele Renzini
Izabela Sobieraj
Francesco Vinci

Project team:

Hippo Group


site area 12.000 sqm
built area 2.500 sqm

2008 Preliminary design