• OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Douglas River Bridge Preston Lancashire UK

Douglas River Bridge

The new bridge over the Douglas River covers at the same time engineering and a landscape values, representing a renewed sustainable approach to the area. The project focuses on the idea that infrastructure design should be part of the landscape design, engaging mutual relationship and interaction with the surrounding environment. The relationship between man and nature is showed in the “X” bridge scheme. The bridge, in fact, is composed by two linked elements: the first one is a stone paving which forms the pedestrian walkway and the second one is a grass layer mainly acting as an ecological corridor for flora and fauna over the river. The two elements are two sides of the same bridge, they are both necessary for each other, not only being mutually supportive from a structural point of view, but also being functionally strictly related since only together they can provide the complete crossing from one bank to the other and, due to the lateral ramps, guarantee all possible links between the two sides and the two paths along the river. In merging the two elements, the bridge becomes the opportunity for meeting and meditation, a crossing/transit point, a social/individual place in which everyone can meet having the chance of socializing and admiring the landscape.

OBR design team:
Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi
Michele Renzini
Francesco Vinci

Project team:
Buro Happold Ltd

RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects
Lancashire County
North West Development Agency

Preston, Lancashire

2008 International design competition