• OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Villa Boakye Accra

Villa Boakye

Villa Boakye project extends the domestic part of the house to the garden, creating a "centrifugal" compositional scheme that opens the interior to the outside, while creating filtered and high intimacy spaces.
These devices are generated by the spatial interaction between fullness and emptiness following a volumetric mesh board. Rooms on the ground floor are articulated for the social family life, while at the upper level more private settings are located. The double level patio is the heart of the house from which the spatial complexity between interior and exterior can be appreciated.

OBR design team:
Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi
Chiara Pongiglione
Michele Renzini
Paula Vier

Project team:

Essy Holding Ltd


site area 3.780 sqm
built area 350 sqm

2011 Under construction
2008 Concept design