• OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Social Housing Via Cenni Milano

Social Housing

The site of the housing complex in Via Cenni is characterized by a varying urban context including the old rural farm Torrette di Trenno. In this context the project reinterprets the typological scheme of the existing farm house characterized by an internal court. The typological reinterpretation is based on using the internal court as an element of connection between the new intervention and the existing urban and social context, making the courtyard a community square, place of meeting, sharing and interacting. The project proposes a sequence of open spaces that run from the farm on the north east to the wild gardens of the former Campo di Marte on the south-west. The goal is to create a large urban and rural system that combines living, working and recreation. New elevated walkways recall the tradition of the Milan’s typical tenements, becoming a common area for residents and a distribution space for housing units. These elevated walkways link the volumes on different levels, which thus are no longer isolated spaces, creating synergy between private and public, increasing the feeling of porosity and boosting the chances of encounter between the inhabitants. The common architectural and social goals of the project include, fostering a sense of belonging through encouraging neighbourly relations, and therefore, the formation of the community. The housing distribution paths are characterized by the presence of gardens which identify various living units. The gardens not only enhance the housing units but also become a landscape device that allows a wide degree of customization by inhabitants and help to create a collective landscape, promoting sustainable and virtuous lifestyles, social and environmental values.

OBR design team:
Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi
Michele Renzini
Elena Lykiardopol
José Quelhas
Léa Siémons-Jauffret
Fabio Valido

Project team:
Yellow Office
Buro Happold Ltd
Studio Tre

Fondazione Cariplo
Polaris Sgr

Via Cenni, Milano

site area 16.200 sqm
built area 8.550 sqm

2009 International design competition (special mention)