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Atlantic Tower Hotel

Located in Accra, the project translates the Atlantic Hotels brand into architectural design, creating a distinct sense of identity for the development and a sense of belonging of the guest to a new “Atlantic Community”. Atlantic Hotels is focused on the next generation of travellers who crave a jet set style and a vibrant social scene at a competitive price. In order to address the client requirements for efficiency, modularity, functionality and a distinctive identity, we developed two main strategies. The first, to define a three-dimensional structural module that is flexible and efficient, permitting the development of different functional strategies and typological layouts. The second, to introduce variations in the module, in order to create an interesting and complex façade composition, based on the different depths of the windows and on consequent diverse shading effects. Thus through these two simple strategies we were able to arrive at a dynamic, highly economic yet flexible design, which accommodates several different layouts, from Hotel rooms to Serviced Apartments. The fluidity of spaces is underlined by the continuity of key materials, which are white concrete and transparent glass. Each module is then characterised by a different gradient of the sun light, due to the variation in the arrangement of the external windows, creating terraces and loggias. Internally, the design further develops the Hotels’ brand identity, transforming each public space into a specific experiential design.

Project team:
SM Studio Minerbi

Radwan F. Dakmak, Wahhab Estate Co Ltd, Meridian Group Ghana


2013 Concept Design