OBR Atlantic Tower


Located in Accra, the project translates the Atlantic Hotels brand into architectural design, creating a distinct sense of identity for the development and a sense of belonging of the guest to a new “Atlantic Community”. Atlantic Hotels is focused on the next generation of travellers who crave a jet set style and a vibrant social scene at a competitive price.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Ex Nuit Cesenatico

Hotel Ex Nuit

Increasing use of the car has resulted in the urban expansion on the Adriatic coast, with a growing separation between pedestrian and vehicular flows, creating an urban landscape characterized by isolated buildings connected by wide streets that create an image of a fragmented and dispersed city. In this type of development, which has also affected Cesenatico, public spaces are often absent; places where a mix of functions are combined (residential, occupational, recreational) and connect, seamlessly, the built landscape and the natural landscape, are missing.

2007 > 2011