OBR Ospedale dei Bambini

Ospedale dei Bambini

The design for the Children's Hospital "Pietro Barilla" in Parma, completed in January 2013, was inspired by the criteria of humanisation and environmental psychology, reflecting the wishes of medical staff to create a place "designed around the children", which was to be as homely as possible for the young patients.

2006 > 2013
OBR Galliera Ospedale

Ospedale Galliera

The project for the New Galliera Hospital integrates medical and organizational aspects with architectural and landscape issues, in a holistic approach. To fit smoothly into the urban district of Carignano, the intervention is articulated in two parts:
the semi-hypogeum plate which follows the irregular shape of the plot, and the epigean elements that take over the regular size of the existing surrounding buildings.

2009 > 2010