OBR Right to Energy Roma MAXXI

Right to Energy

The project investigates the space where energy exchanges take place, from extra urban to urban, from collective to individual, with the objective of enhancing the landscape The purpose is to reveal the landscape and promote a renewed sense of community.

OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Cellulae Milano Salone del mobile

Cellulae Danese

OBR’s research is appropriate to new generation´s space systems that interact with the environment and men. The project involves an open system built from a series of modules that create and accumulate energy locally. The modules feed from carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Vema Biennale Architettura Venezia

VEMA 2026.09.06

Vema is the theme of the Padiglione Italiano, curator Franco Purini, at the 10th Biennale di Architettura di Venezia directed by Richard Burdett. Vema is a new found ideal city which will be built in 2026 between Verona and Mantova, at the infrastructural cross of the IV Corridor (Palermo-Berlin) and V Corridor (Barcelona-Kiev).