OBR Terrazza triennale

The Terrazza Triennale Restaurant, located on the rooftop of the Palazzo dell’Arte, together with the Arts & Foods Exhibition curated by Germano Celant, is one of the most significant initiatives of the Triennale di Milano for Expo 2015.

2014 > 2015
OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Lehariya Jaipur India


After being invited by the Academy of Architecture in Mumbai to give a lecture on the topic "Does architecture have the power to solve social gaps, create the sense of community and preserve the individual identities?", we met with Rajeev Lunkad of Human Project, who called us to discuss a possible project in Rajasthan, for a urban development cluster in the outskirts of Jaipur.

2012 > 
OBR Atlantic Tower


Located in Accra, the project translates the Atlantic Hotels brand into architectural design, creating a distinct sense of identity for the development and a sense of belonging of the guest to a new “Atlantic Community”. Atlantic Hotels is focused on the next generation of travellers who crave a jet set style and a vibrant social scene at a competitive price.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Santa Margherita

Santa Margherita Ligure

Arriving to Santa Margherita Ligure from the sea, one remains deeply impressed by the openness and vitality of its port: it still evokes the historical relationship between the city and the sea catalysing the social, economic and environmental life.

2013 > 
OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Atelier Castello Milan

Atelier Castello

Piazza Castello è da sempre punto di riferimento di Milano e dei milanesi. La nostra idea è quella di ripensare Piazza Castello da un nuovo punto di vista. Non più quello verso il centro, ma verso la città.

OBR Right to Energy Roma MAXXI

Right to Energy

The project investigates the space where energy exchanges take place, from extra urban to urban, from collective to individual, with the objective of enhancing the landscape The purpose is to reveal the landscape and promote a renewed sense of community.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Hope City Accra

Hope City

HOPE city is the acronym of Home Office People Environment. It is the cluster for RLG ICT Park, focused on Information Communication Technology, as initiative of Mr. Roland Agambire, Chairman of RLG, in collaboration with the Government of Ghana, as part of the national development policy framework, turning Ghana into a knowledge-society and an active player in the global economy.

2013 > 
OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Jameel Arts Center Dubai

Jameel Arts Centre

The Jameel Arts Centre will be a place for discovery, creativity, meeting and living.
The Vision for Jameel Arts Centre (JAC) is to be a leading institution for the contemporary art and creative economy, promoting emerging arts, artists and creative start-ups from the Middle East & North Africa regions and the rest of the World.

OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Cellulae Milano Salone del mobile

Cellulae Danese

OBR’s research is appropriate to new generation´s space systems that interact with the environment and men. The project involves an open system built from a series of modules that create and accumulate energy locally. The modules feed from carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

OBR Milanofiori

OBR Milanofiori Residential Complex

Milanofiori Residential Complex is part of a cluster characterized by a series of functions (offices, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, residences), which has deeply contributed to the improvement of the surrounding area of Assago, in South Milan.
The design of the Residential Complex seeks a symbiosis between architecture and landscape, so that the synthesis of artificial and natural elements could define the quality of living and the sense of belonging by the inhabitants. The interface between the building and the garden catalyzes the interaction between man and environment. This interface is defined by the "C" form of the complex which embraces the public park - conceived as the extension of the existing landscape - and by the porosity from interior to exterior that characterizes all 110 units.

2005 > 2010
OBR Museo Pitagora

OBR Pythagoras Museum

The project for Pythagoras Museum and Gardens is the result of the international design competition held by Crotone Council with funding from the European Community in its role of encouraging development of urban community projects.

2003 > 2011
OBR London Housing

OBR LH1 & LH2 London

LH1 & LH2 is the regeneration of Victorian residential buildings situated alongside Clapham Common Park and Milner Street in London.
The objective for this project is to preserve and maintain the original features, materials and atmosphere of a Victorian House, while renovating them to meet the needs of contemporary living.

2011 > 2012
OBR Ospedale dei Bambini

Ospedale dei Bambini

The design for the Children's Hospital "Pietro Barilla" in Parma, completed in January 2013, was inspired by the criteria of humanisation and environmental psychology, reflecting the wishes of medical staff to create a place "designed around the children", which was to be as homely as possible for the young patients.

2006 > 2013
OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Ex Nuit Cesenatico

Hotel Ex Nuit

Increasing use of the car has resulted in the urban expansion on the Adriatic coast, with a growing separation between pedestrian and vehicular flows, creating an urban landscape characterized by isolated buildings connected by wide streets that create an image of a fragmented and dispersed city. In this type of development, which has also affected Cesenatico, public spaces are often absent; places where a mix of functions are combined (residential, occupational, recreational) and connect, seamlessly, the built landscape and the natural landscape, are missing.

2007 > 2011
OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Waterfront Cesme Turkey


Our idea is to re-naturalize the coast, capturing the natural benefits of the wind and the sea, while imbuing the city, life of the inhabitants, and tourists with its life-affirming benefits throughout the seasons. In this context the waterfront is the location for a new and intimate relationship between the city and the sea, a great opportunity for a new model of urban development characterized by environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Waterfront Rapallo


If you reach Rapallo from the sea, you will be deeply impressed by the vitality of its waterfront: it still evokes the historical relationship sea-town catalyzing the social living, economic and environmental and does not need new signs or icons. The master plan aim is to reveal the identity of Rapallo, revitalizing the relation sea-city through the natural extension of the existing beach with some new features that inhabit the sea: yachting services, beaches, bars, restaurants and a new auditorium.

OBR Ex Cinema Roma 02

Ex Cinema Roma

The redevelopment project of the Ex Cinema Roma for office, commercial and residential use occurs through the reconfiguration of the existing volumes in two complementary directions, one internal and one external. Internally a new core has been introduced in a central position that functionally distributes the various levels and, being completely transparent towards the ceiling and towards the north, it allows for an optimal natural lighting of all internal common spaces.

2006 > 2013
OBR Waterfront Genova Levante 03

Genova Levante

In collaboration with Urban Lab, the study defines the guidelines of the eastern seafront of Genoa from Piazzale Kennedy to Nervi. It outlines the approach, objectives and design parameters of future interventions that will affect this stretch of the coast. This is according to a coherent sustainable development model that creates the conditions for a new opening of the city towards the sea and a correct interaction between the city and the sea.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Lido Genova

Lido Genova

The design of the new Lido di Genova is presented as a strategic opportunity for renewal of the waterfront of Genoa. This development triggers a pulsing organism capable of creating the conditions for a new opening of the city towards the sea and a correct ratio of natural interaction between the city and the sea. Environmental restoration requires the re-naturalization of the shoreline through demolishing the current thick layer of cement, and subsequently the creation of a continuous garden.

2008 > 2009
OBR Marina Grande 02

Marina Grande

The design approach for the requalification of Marina Grande waterfront in Arenzano aimed to the re-naturalization of old structures built on a pre-existing railway. In the sixties the concrete structure invaded the waterfront as an “eco-monster” for a distance of three hundred meters.

2007 > 2008
OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Royal Ensign India

Royal Ensign

The project is located in front of the central park of Jaipur in close proximity to the Birla Auditorium and several key state government buildings, abutting an earlier development built by the Client in the seventies, which is considered one of the key contemporary landmarks of the city.

2012 > 
OBR Galleria Sabauda

OBR Galleria Sabauda

The project provides for the transfer of the Galleria Sabauda (now located above the Egyptian Museum in the Palazzo Accademia della Scienza in Turin) to the Manica Nuova of the Royal Palace, amining at generating new interest in Turin on the international cultural tourism circuit.

2003 > 2014
OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Floriopoli


The Floriopoli project is a thematic park car oriented, about the glorious history of the Targa Florio, the world’s oldest car race. Floriopoli will be an attractive international center of many activities which enrich the entire area at local and global scale. The project area covers all the buildings that have marked the history of Targa Florio, providing for conservation as an icon of the past. The restoration of the façade combines with the reuse of interior spaces for exhibition purposes.

OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Museo Diocesano Milano

Museo Diocesano

The project lies in Porta Ticinese, a vital hub for social and cultural interaction in the city of Milan and an extraordinary treasure chest for observing the energy flow of the city. The aim is to catch this site characteristic creating through the museum a vibrant place “full of world”.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Ippodromo Roma Capannelle

Ippodromo Roma Capannelle

The project’s aim is to create an entertainment centre for the Capannelle Hippodrome organically integrated in the extraordinary Appia Antica Park of Rome. The beauty and the preservation of the park has led to a natural design that dialogues with the existing landscape, avoiding solutions contrasting with the historical existing context.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Wejchert Golf Club Poland

Wejchert Golf Club

The program aims to create a new venue for the international eighteen holes golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones, respecting the natural site topography and the historical village of Brześce. In continuity with the existing landscape, a system of pitched roofs translates the geometry of the traditional Polish roofs and creates a dynamic tension towards the golf course.

OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Villa Reale Monza

Villa Reale Monza

The restoration of the Villa Reale Museum of Monza and its gardens is looming as a project of major significance to Italian artistic and cultural history, with the goal of returning this precious monument to regional and international reality. The historical villa was originally designed by Piermarini as a unified complex articulated by a system of courts which open on to the landscape.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Polo Funo Bologna

Polo Funo

The Funo masterplan investigates the urbanization process originated by the new infrastructural assets planned in the metropolitan area north of Bologna, including the Milan-Taranto highway connection. The project is based on the conviction that the quality of the city is connected to a new idea of “eco - welfare”.

2009 > 2010
OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Food and Beverage Cairo

Food and Beverage

The Food and Beverage Complex is located in the compound of Al Guezira in Zayed City along the route between Cairo and Alexandria. It aims to combine the public value of Zayed City with the most private one of Al Guezira, creating a type of urban space through a square which is designed by the encounter of different paths (the mall), from different directions (the urban routes) and a number of heights (relativizing the true height). In this way the complexity of the market is generated as a social meeting place.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Rio 2016 Olympic Park

RIO 2016 Olympic Park

Nature is powerful presence Rio de Janeiro. Every single borough of the town is surrounded by vegetation or water, or both.
The Masterplan for the Olympic Park respects this wonderful relationship between nature and town. The flows of water, the layers of green and the layout of the new city overlap to create a pattern in which the town can develop in the future. Thanks to this interaction the new town will have also an important environmental function: it will be able to purify the lagoon water by phytodepuration and mechanical means.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Cap Sim

Cap Sim

Cap Sim stands on a windswept stretch of untouched land between the Atlantic Ocean and the desert, 30 km south of Essaouira, Unesco world heritage site. The concept is based on a new idea of very low density country club. The philosophy behind the project intends exclusivity as uniqueness of the landscape.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Complesso Sportivo Cogoleto Genova

Complesso Sportivo Cogoleto

The program envisages the construction of a modern sports center including clubhouse, guest and reception areas for the Genoa Cricket and Football Club.
The project fits organically into the extraordinary landscape of the Plan of Madonnetta, an highland above the village of Cogoleto facing the Ligurian Sea.

OBR Galliera Ospedale

Ospedale Galliera

The project for the New Galliera Hospital integrates medical and organizational aspects with architectural and landscape issues, in a holistic approach. To fit smoothly into the urban district of Carignano, the intervention is articulated in two parts:
the semi-hypogeum plate which follows the irregular shape of the plot, and the epigean elements that take over the regular size of the existing surrounding buildings.

2009 > 2010
OBR Museum of history science and technology dalian china

Museum of History Science and Technology

Dalian's new Museum of History and Museum of Science & Technology serve as physical embodiments of a vision: development and progress, the key initiatives for Dalian's economic future.
Continuously inhabited since 221 BC, Dalian is a city with a progressive vision matured in its unique history.
The project captures the essence of fluidity and movement. The museums are physical expressions of the confluence of time, location, people.

OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Social Housing Milan

Social Housing

The site of the housing complex in Via Cenni is characterized by a varying urban context including the old rural farm Torrette di Trenno. In this context the project reinterprets the typological scheme of the existing farm house characterized by an internal court. The typological reinterpretation is based on using the internal court as an element of connection between the new intervention and the existing urban and social context, making the courtyard become a square, place of meeting, sharing and exchanging.

OBR Uffici Cugnasco 10

Uffici Cugnasco

The project for the Cugnasco offices is the reuse of an old disused cinema. Inside of the old projection room a new light steel and glass structure is located, with a number of levels sufficient to obtain the total area needed for the development sustainability.

2002 > 2004
OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Torrenova


The master-plan defines its foundational principles by both urban and natural landscape.
At architectural scale, the project seeks the maximization of the internal-external relationship and produces - through bioclimatic greenhouses - an intensive landscape customizable by the user. In this context, the Parco delle Torri defines the "psychological quality" of living spaces.

OBR Magenta 02

Magenta House

The project involves the refurbishment of an historical building formerly used as a hospital and later converted to housing, located is in front of the fifteenth century Basilica Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milano. The site is strongly characterized by the apse designed by Bramante and the two historical cloisters of the basilica. The project creates a joint space between the interior and exterior through two small open-air courtyards that reflect the typological pattern of the cloister.

2007 > 2009
OBR Provincia Bergamo 03

Provincia Bergamo

The new headquarters of the Province of Bergamo represent a new urban polarity in a highly strategic position between the consolidated city and the surrounding territory.
The project includes a balanced mix of functions and working and research spaces that will allow Bergamo to compete in the international market of advanced tertiary services.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Pineta Housing Arenzano

Pineta Housing

The site of the Pineta di Arenzano is characterized by a high rocky slope populated by a dense vegetation of "macchia mediterraea".
The strategic choice was to "lay down" the new buildings on the existing orography on two different levels so as to limit clutter and thus consume less area without altering the site morphology.
The project seeks the maximum porosity between the land and the sea, drawing spaces semi in-out, open-closed,
opaque-transparent which are designed differently in each housing unit.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Villa Milanowek Poland

Villa Milanowek

The aim of the project is to create a residential villa integrated with the extraordinary landscape of the forest of Milanowek, near Warsaw, preserving the existing trees. The project's lot is in fact characterized by the presence of nearly thirty high centenarian trees. After a careful series of botanical examinations we have elaborated a diagram to consider the health of the trees, their future growth, the diameter of their roots and volumes of foliage of the different species.

2008 > 2011
OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Villa Boakye Accra

Villa Boakye

Villa Boakye project extends the domestic part of the house to the garden, creating a "centrifugal" compositional scheme that opens the interior to the outside, while creating filtered and high intimacy spaces.

2008 > 2011
OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Campus Divino Amore Roma

Campus Divino Amore

The proposal envisages a continuous linear garden within the Divino Amore district, searching for mending the existing urbanization with the Roman countryside. The design of the school campus looks for the blend of natural and artificial elements, including the history of the place and the needs of a modern school that generates a sense of belonging and identity.

2007 > 2008
OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Shantou University

Shantou University

The project aims to create the Center, physical and symbolic, for the community (students and teachers)
of the Shantou University campus.
It is part of the master plan drawn by Herzog & de Meuron, positioned between the central park of the campus and the hills beyond.

OBR Ponte Polcevera

OBR Ponte Polcevera

The design of the bridge over the Polcevera River connects local and regional roads with relevant effect on the urban traffic to and from the city, and at the same time contributes to the regeneration of the urban context at the mouth of the Polcevera River, still characterized by the former Ilva industrial area. The scenario of the future redevelopment of Cornigliano provides not only the high speed/capacity infrastructure, but also the new railway station and commercial, residential, cultural and sporting activities.

2006 > 
OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Via XX Settembre Genova

Via XX Settembre

The project "Living the City within the City" is the outcome of the international design competition organized by the Municipality of Genoa for the enhancement of Via XX Settembre, one of the most iconic and strategic urban place of the city.

OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi Douglas River Bridge

Douglas River Bridge

The new bridge over the Douglas River covers at the same time engineering and a landscape values, representing a renewed sustainable approach to the area. The project focuses on the idea that infrastructure design should be part of the landscape design, engaging mutual relationship and interaction with the surrounding environment.

OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi Vema Biennale Architettura Venezia

VEMA 2026.09.06

Vema is the theme of the Padiglione Italiano, curator Franco Purini, at the 10th Biennale di Architettura di Venezia directed by Richard Burdett. Vema is a new found ideal city which will be built in 2026 between Verona and Mantova, at the infrastructural cross of the IV Corridor (Palermo-Berlin) and V Corridor (Barcelona-Kiev).