OBR Terrazza triennale

The Terrazza Triennale Restaurant, located on the rooftop of the Palazzo dell’Arte, together with the Arts & Foods Exhibition curated by Germano Celant, is one of the most significant initiatives of the Triennale di Milano for Expo 2015.

2014 > 2015
OBR Milanofiori

OBR Milanofiori Residential Complex

Milanofiori Residential Complex is part of a cluster characterized by a series of functions (offices, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, residences), which has deeply contributed to the improvement of the surrounding area of Assago, in South Milan.
The design of the Residential Complex seeks a symbiosis between architecture and landscape, so that the synthesis of artificial and natural elements could define the quality of living and the sense of belonging by the inhabitants. The interface between the building and the garden catalyzes the interaction between man and environment. This interface is defined by the "C" form of the complex which embraces the public park - conceived as the extension of the existing landscape - and by the porosity from interior to exterior that characterizes all 110 units.

2005 > 2010
OBR Museo Pitagora

OBR Pythagoras Museum

The project for Pythagoras Museum and Gardens is the result of the international design competition held by Crotone Council with funding from the European Community in its role of encouraging development of urban community projects.

2003 > 2011
OBR London Housing

OBR LH1 & LH2 London

LH1 & LH2 is the regeneration of Victorian residential buildings situated alongside Clapham Common Park and Milner Street in London.
The objective for this project is to preserve and maintain the original features, materials and atmosphere of a Victorian House, while renovating them to meet the needs of contemporary living.

2011 > 2012
OBR Ospedale dei Bambini

Ospedale dei Bambini

The design for the Children's Hospital "Pietro Barilla" in Parma, completed in January 2013, was inspired by the criteria of humanisation and environmental psychology, reflecting the wishes of medical staff to create a place "designed around the children", which was to be as homely as possible for the young patients.

2006 > 2013
OBR Ex Cinema Roma 02

Ex Cinema Roma

The redevelopment project of the Ex Cinema Roma for office, commercial and residential use occurs through the reconfiguration of the existing volumes in two complementary directions, one internal and one external. Internally a new core has been introduced in a central position that functionally distributes the various levels and, being completely transparent towards the ceiling and towards the north, it allows for an optimal natural lighting of all internal common spaces.

2006 > 2013
OBR Galleria Sabauda

OBR Galleria Sabauda

The project provides for the transfer of the Galleria Sabauda (now located above the Egyptian Museum in the Palazzo Accademia della Scienza in Turin) to the Manica Nuova of the Royal Palace, amining at generating new interest in Turin on the international cultural tourism circuit.

2003 > 2014
OBR Ponte Polcevera

OBR Ponte Polcevera

The design of the bridge over the Polcevera River connects local and regional roads with relevant effect on the urban traffic to and from the city, and at the same time contributes to the regeneration of the urban context at the mouth of the Polcevera River, still characterized by the former Ilva industrial area. The scenario of the future redevelopment of Cornigliano provides not only the high speed/capacity infrastructure, but also the new railway station and commercial, residential, cultural and sporting activities.

2006 >